01 Forest future
02 Human crossing
03 A secluded channel
04 Leaving home for the fields

“A landscape – an adaptation of wind, a shifting mural. Quiet vicinities shaped by time and intention. Strange critters, once creature comforts of the home, now glitching gently in the creek.”

Released July 3, 2020 • Composed & recorded by Kin Leonn and Hiroshi Ebina • Mixed by Kin Leonn • Mastered by Chihei Hatakeyama, WPM Mastering Japan • Design by Ricks Ang • Photography by Hiroshi Ebina • Words by Kin Leonn


01 Endless

“ 終わりのない忍耐の中、日々は続く。

Released June 5, 2020 • Composed and produced by Kin Leonn • Narration by Yeule • Mastered by Chihei Hatakeyama, WPM Mastering Japan • Design by Ricks Ang

Previously released in Japan on Lake of Illusions Vol. 2 Compilation 
Courtesy of HMV JAPAN / Inpartmaint Inc.


01 Skin
02 Shinrin-yoku (Pt. I)
03 Shinrin-yoku (Pt. II)
04 Desire #9
05 Somewhere
06 Visionary
07 Detached
08 There were days
09 Noumenal
10 Nightlight

“In endless patience, the days abide. They write themselves: blue flourish and tender instinct. They are haunts and reveries and all manner of dwelling. They are seconds; they are years. They are forevermore.”

Released December 21, 2018 • Composed and produced by Kin Leonn • Mastered by Francesco Donadello, Calyx Mastering Berlin • Artwork by Jonathan Yong-Ern Li • Photography by Christopher Sim • Design by Ricks Ang • Words by Kin Leonn


© Kin Leonn ︎ Polaroids by Christopher Sim