mirror in the gleam

01 en trance
02 ghost strata
03 dialect
04 your spectrum

05 keepsake 01
06 flowers... dripping
07 passageway
08 dawn memo
09 conscious and well
10 arc of love
11 a moment, a life

I stood at night forest’s bay. Watched as language withheld longing. Whale contours and leaves | slice. Perceive glaucoma. Half blurred, old yearnings. Clarity is a crater. In awe of this, I turned inward. Tecoma walled, there is a room where I sit evenings as a pew - in this nook begins coexistence. Outside, the parapet bears a walkway.

Released October 27, 2023 • Composed & recorded by Kin Leonn • Mixed by Kin Leonn • Mastered by Stephan Mathieu, Schwebung Mastering • Design by Ricks Ang • Images by Kin Leonn • Words by Kin Yunn



01 Forest future
02 Human crossing
03 A secluded channel
04 Leaving home for the fields

“A landscape – an adaptation of wind, a shifting mural. Quiet vicinities shaped by time and intention. Strange critters, once creature comforts of the home, now glitching gently in the creek.”

Released July 3, 2020 • Composed & recorded by Kin Leonn and Hiroshi Ebina • Mixed by Kin Leonn • Mastered by Chihei Hatakeyama, WPM Mastering Japan • Design by Ricks Ang • Photography by Hiroshi Ebina • Words by Kin Leonn


01 Endless

“ 終わりのない忍耐の中、日々は続く。

Released June 5, 2020 • Composed and produced by Kin Leonn • Narration by Yeule • Mastered by Chihei Hatakeyama, WPM Mastering Japan • Design by Ricks Ang

Previously released in Japan on Lake of Illusions Vol. 2 Compilation 
Courtesy of HMV JAPAN / Inpartmaint Inc.


01 Skin
02 Shinrin-yoku (Pt. I)
03 Shinrin-yoku (Pt. II)
04 Desire #9
05 Somewhere
06 Visionary
07 Detached
08 There were days
09 Noumenal
10 Nightlight

“In endless patience, the days abide. They write themselves: blue flourish and tender instinct. They are haunts and reveries and all manner of dwelling. They are seconds; they are years. They are forevermore.”

Released December 21, 2018 • Composed and produced by Kin Leonn • Mastered by Francesco Donadello, Calyx Mastering Berlin • Artwork by Jonathan Yong-Ern Li • Photography by Christopher Sim • Design by Ricks Ang • Words by Kin Leonn